Meet Our 2023 Local 71 TWBN Delegates

The NABTU Tradeswomen Build Nations conference is the largest gathering of unionized tradeswomen in the world. Our LIUNA Local 71 Delegates will be in Washington DC to exchange valuable information to raise our voices in power right here in Alaska for your rights on the job including fair wages and benefits. Each year we send members who have shown their pride in union membership and volunteered to strengthen our ranks. This is an investment in our members that will pay dividends at home. This year’s gathering is in Washington, D.C., where our delegates will have access to the highest level of decision makers in congress, the presidential administration, and our own LIUNA headquarters to raise their voices in power for us right here at home!

Meet our 2023 LIUNA Local 71 Delegates: Desiree Wilson; Tracy Smith; and Krystal Johnson.