Public Employees Local 71 Members are eligible for several scholarship opportunities to cover all levels of learning from training certifications to higher education.


Public Employees Local 71 Dennis J. Moen Scholarship

Through the generosity of the Local 71 Scholarship & Training Fund and Public Employees Local 71, a self-perpetuating fund provides a program of scholarships to assist eligible individuals in furthering their professional training, certifications, licenses, and education.

Applications accepted at any time / *Beginning January 1, 2023, scholarships will be awarded yearly to cover January - December of that year.


Lowers, Lori-NIT, LLC Lindemuth, Paul-MSU Fickus, Dawson-CSU, LA
Savel, Nathaniel-UAF Her, Lue-Hamline University Dalton, Kathleen-UAA
McIntyre, Michelle-UAA Prevost, Judy-PWSC Mallari, Pauline Drivers' Ed
Prevost, Colton-PWSC Romans, Shayla-SCC Her, Toua-UAA
Rush, Michael-NIT, LLC Hovda, Natilly-UAF Her, Li UAA
Glenn, Carlyn-AK Pacific Unversity Scantlebury, Lauren-UAA Sallah, Abdou-UAA
Jones, Matthew-NIT, LLC Her, Kang-UAA Celario, Sandy UAA
Eytalis, Rachel-UAA Vue, Anna-UAA Warner, Brandon CMOOR
Cruz, Dominique-UAA Westdahl,Megan-UAA Ravenscroft, Karen-WGU
Llaneza, Maria Meghan-UAA Fickus, Dawson, LA Community College McKinstry Shawna, Nightingale College LLC
Her, Ying-ACC Ravenscroft, Karen-WGU Fields, Brandon-BCSP
Ruggles, Edward-Great Lakes Pineda, Amiel-UAA Candelaria, Annabelle ServSafe
Tabares, Valerie-UAA Bond, Leila-UAA Guthrie, Alyssa Duke
Damian Schlegel-CEE Winner, S-Franklin Pierce University Hovda, Natilly-UAF
Buck, William-CEE Her, Ah-UAA McClure, James
Torres, A-Caregiver Training Academy Green, Megan-UAA Chulsi, Reinhurt Jude-Charter College LLC
Finko Artem-UAA Smith, James-CEE Dorsey, Sean-ADA
Dalton, Kathleen-UAA Lenard, Amber-UAA Wallace, John-UAA
Ravenscroft, Karen-WGU Catledge, Ivy-Corban University Flint, Charles-UAF
Jones, Tamra-UAA Hogan, Mary-WSU Flint, Michael-UAA
Lindemuth,Lauren- Westminster College Baker, Killian-Wyotech Wilson, Desiree-UAA
Evans, Shannon-NIT Jones, Tamra-UAA Cruz, Zarinah-UAA
Ortez, Benjamin-UAA Scantlebury, Lauren-UAA Comas, James-UAS
Fickus, Dawson, LA Community College Haworth, Brandon-UAA Marquez, Orlando-Charter College LLC
Anaruk, Savannah-UAA Fields, Brandon-BCSP Hippchen, Tyler-WCU
Frazier, Gaven-AVTEC Dalton, Kathleen-UAA Morrison, Chloe-University of Idaho
Geller, Triston-UTI Savel, Nathaniel-UAF Tews, Gabriella-ISU
Burrell-Rudelic,Justin-CEE Sironen, Isaac-GCU Antonio, Leslie-UAA
Romans, Cloey-U of Denver Her, Xee-U of St. Thomas Reyes, Elyssia-UAA
Hogan, Mary-Falcon Air Her, Lue-Hamline University McClure, James
Prevost, Colton-PWSC Pratt, Mya-University of Puget Sound

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W. Vernie Reed Memorial Scholarship (NWLIUNA)

Application deadline: May  1, 2023

The W. Vernie Reed Memorial Scholarships are awarded annually through LIUNA and are open to all Public Employees Local 71 members in good standing and their qualifying family members.

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Union Plus Scholarships

Application deadline: January 31, 2023

 Local 71 Members are eligible to sign up for Union Plus Benefits for FREE through your Local 71 Member status.

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Life on the Frontier: The Hardworking Spirit of Alaska

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